Other CoOccurrences

These other co-occurrences may be pure coincidences, but they may also give us clues to a better understanding of the mechanisms of this disease. HS is occasionally seen as a side-effect to other treatments (see Table 6.4). HS has been described in several cases in association with lithium therapy, where it appears to have similarities to other poral occlusive diseases, as well as to immunosuppressive therapy used following kidney transplantation.

HS has also been described as a side-effect of rapamycin therapy, with a 12% frequency in a cohort of 80 kidney transplants. This immuno-suppressive drug hints either that immune mechanisms may be involved in HS, or that simple infections may be promoted by the drug and misinterpreted as HS by non-dermatologists. The diagnostic accuracy of the reported cases however allows confusion with differential diagnosis.

Table 6.4. Drugs where hidradenitis has been implied as a side-effect

Rapamycin [95]

Lithium [96-99]

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