Hello!! I am 38 years old and I have had Hidrad-enitis Suppurativa since puberty. I get these cysts on my buttocks, inside of my thighs, and the groin area. I am very discouraged with this disease, as you probably know, there is no cure. That is what the doctors have told me. I have been on every kind of medication even Accu-tane. I have had surgery on my buttocks, have had some of the glands taken out, however, the cysts will come back as they cannot take every gland out of your body. I have had them lanced, which is really humiliating, because it just hurts so bad, but afterwards it is such a relief to have the cyst and the swelling gone. I have a cyst as we speak. I believe that stress causes these, and I tend to get them around that time of the month.

I really hate the way this disease has scarred me. Not only physically but emotionally. I am single, and I don't know who would want someone that has this. I'm really discouraged with this disease, I just cannot believe there is not a cure. I am very embarrassed with this, as my buttocks are really, really scarred, and the inside of my thighs are pretty bad also.

I am happy to find that there is support for this. I have never spoken to anyone that suffers from this. I sincerely know what they are going through. It really is comforting to know that I may be able to correspond with others that suffer from this.

I work at a college. I am a secretary, and I sit most of the time, which can be difficult at times.

I really try to do the best that I can do. I have resolved that I will have this forever and I will probably will be single the rest of my life. I am really scarred.

It seems that all the doctors that I went to were not sympathetic at all. I really don't think that humiliation and embarrassment begins to describe our feelings when we have to expose ourselves to doctors, etc. I remember, the last doctor that I seen, he was a plastic surgeon, and he really was the best doctor that I have seen. I really loved him. He was full of concern, and hated to see me in such pain. Unfortunately, he retired, and I try not to go to doctors unless it is absolutely necessary. I'll always remember going to his office. They always put me in this 27 room that had a print of this little girl huddled in a corner, hiding her face, and there was this little dog sitting right next to her. The title of the print was "In Disgrace". How appropriate. I would cry as soon as I got in the room and seen the print. I could have been that little girl. I was in disgrace, but why. I searched and searched for a print of that, and finally found one. I truly related to that little girl. Every time, I went to his office, I left feeling disgraced.

This doctor performed a surgery on me. He went into detail about what he was going to do. He was going to go in and remove the glands, and he said that where he removed those, I shouldn't get anymore cysts. He explained that he couldn't take out all of the glands in my body, as we have millions of them. The surgery was on my buttocks. He did the surgery. I laid in the bed, on my back for four days. The nurses had to come and turn me over, as I couldn't move. On the fourth day the nurses came in, got me out of bed, had me lean across the bed, and proceeded to remove the bandages. I have never felt so much pain. Where I had lain so long, they had to use forceps to pull the bandages from the wounds. (Ouch, doesn't even touch it.) To add insult to injury, they put me in a tub of salt water afterwards. Just how much humiliation should one person have to go through??? I just don't know. I guess the surgery helped in some ways. However, my doctor told me to stay away from nudist camps (ha, ha).

How To Reduce Acne Scarring

How To Reduce Acne Scarring

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