I live in South San Francisco, California and am a 40 year old female suffering from hidradenitis suppurativa since the onset of puberty. It has become progressively worse and in 1994 I had surgery to remove the abscesses from the groin area. I remained in the hospital for 3 months due to complications from the surgery (i.e. secondary infection). I had relief from the hidrad-enitis for only about 9 months after which time it returned to the areas under both arms. Since then I have been in constant pain and fatigue. I have been seeing a dermatologist who has me taking Eulexin, an androgen medication used for patients for prostate cancer. I also take the antibiotic dycloxicillin and vicodin for pain. The wounds seem to be responding to the Eulexin albeit ever so slowly. I've taking the Eu-lexin for a year come this November. The doctor has told me that I am only the second patient he has seen with such a severe case of hidradenitis. I can't tell you what a revelation it was to find a support group for those with this affliction! I truly thought I was the only one in the world with hidradenitis. And to cause even more frustration, no one had ever made the correct diag nosis during my early years. I wonder if they had diagnosed it early, if I might have gotten a "jump" on the disease and not become such a severe case. I did notice that during my two healthy pregnancies, this condition seemed to disappear for those wonderful nine months. As soon as the babies were born though, it reappeared and became progressively worse after each birth. This leads me to believe that it has a connection with some type of hormonal imbalance. It would be wonderful to have someone to "talk" to and who understands this terrible affliction.

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