Key points

Hidradenitis suppurativa is a clinically well described entity

The classification has been a continuous source of debate for more than 100 years

The lack of sweat gland involvement has been described in early studies


2.1 Biographical Landmarks of a Surgeon-Venereologist 4

2.2 L'Hidradenite Phlegmoneuse

(Verneuil's Disease), Primary Observations .. 5

2.3 Further Observations and Discussions in Europe and Overseas 6

2.4 Hidrosadenitis and Acne Conglobata: Controversial Views 8

2.5 Acne Inversa, the Last Metamorphosis of Verneuil's Disease? 9

References 9

As a surgeon Verneuil remains closely connected to the history of dermatology. In fact he described the cutaneous disease subject of this book and was the first official teacher of syphilis and venereal diseases at the Paris Faculty of Medicine at a time when skin diseases were still taught separately.

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