Key points

■ HS does not generally appear to be associated with signs of hyperan-drogenism

■ Sex hormones may affect the course of HS indirectly through, for example, their effects on inflammation

■ The role of end-organ sensitivity cannot be excluded at the time of writing

■ The prevalence of polycystic ovary syndrome in HS has not been systematically investigated


12.1 Introduction 95

12.2 Hyperandrogenism and the Skin 95

12.2.1 Androgenization 95

12.2.2 Androgen Metabolism 96

12.2.3 Causes of Hyperandrogenism 96

12.3 Lack ofAssociation between HS

and Endocrinopathies 97

12.4 HS and Biological Hyperandrogenism ...97

12.5 End-Organ Androgen Sensitivity? 98

References 98

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