Key points

■ The genetics of HS has received little attention so far

■ A familial form of HS affects up to 40% of sufferers

■ Familial HS follows an autosomal dominant inheritance pattern

■ A study of the molecular genetics of HS has found linkage to two loci on chromosomes 6 and 19 in three families but no linkage to either of these loci in other families

■ HS is a genetically heterogeneous disease with mutations in genes at multiple locations

10.9 Candidate Genes Analysed in Linked HS Kindreds 79

10.9.1 Oestrogen receptor-a andHS 79

10.9.2 ZNF91 andHS 79

10.9.3 TIZ Association with HS 80

10.9.4 Potential Contribution oftheVIPGenetoHS 80

10.10 Additional Candidate Gene-Protein Systems in HS 81

10.10.1 Interleukin 1-a 81

10.10.2 TNF Signalling and HS 81

10.11 Discussion 81

10.12 Conclusions 82

References 83

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