Key points

■ Effective local treatments exist

■ Local treatment may be sufficient for some patients

■ Different local treatments can be combined for better effect

■ Local treatment should be part of a systematic treatment plan for each patient

■ If local treatment does not control the disease adequately within 3 months a more aggressive treatment, in combination with continued topical therapy, should be used


21.1 Introduction 150

21.2 Antibiotics 151

21.2.1 Topical Clindamycin 152

21.3 Keratolytics 152

21.3.1 Resorcinol as a Keratolytic Agent in Hidradenitis Suppurativa 152 Indications 154 Mechanism of Action 154 Side-Effects of Resorcinol 155 Treatment Schedule with Resorcinol Creams 156 Clinical Experience 156

21.4 Topical Anti-Inflammatory Therapy 157

21.4.1 AzelaicAcid 157

21.4.2 FusidicAcid 157

21.5 Intralesional Therapy 157

21.6 The Use of Local Therapy 158

21.7 Publication Bias 158

References 159

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