Key points

■ The role of androgens in hidradenitis suppurativa (HS) is controversial

■ HS may correspond to an inflammatory disease with an increased sensitivity to circulating or in situ androgens, but this view is not supported by those few cases in which there is a positive response to antiandrogens

■ Further studies are needed to investigate whether HS responds to antian-drogens and to settle the controversy of whether HS can be considered as a manifestation of cutaneous hyperan-drogenism


16.1 Introduction 124

16.2 Antiandrogens and Antiandrogen Therapies 124

16.2.1 Cyproterone Acetate 125

16.2.2 Spironolactone 125

16.2.3 Finasteride 125

16.2.4 Antiandrogenic Progestins 125

16.2.5 Oral Contraceptives 125

16.3 Antiandrogens in HS 126

16.3.1 Cyproterone Acetate 126

16.3.2 Spironolactone 126

16.4 Finasteride 126

References 127

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