My first outbreak, if you can call it that, showed up right before a vacation to Florida, which is why I remember it so clearly. I wore shorts at the beach as opposed to a bathing suit. It started then with one swollen red painful lump on the left side of my genital region. Since then, it's spread a bit. They are on both sides now - about 6 or more each side with little tunnels running between them. Around the time of my period one side or the other, rarely both, will become severely inflamed and horribly painful. I work twelve hours a day with a lot of walking, but ibu-profen seems to help some. I've only had a couple come to a head. When they're not inflamed, they range from pea sized to marble sized lumps under the skin. And some of them have what seem to be permanent holes in them that never close up. I went to my doctor about a year ago and he called them infected ingrown hairs and said they'd go away on their own. Sure. He put me on Tetracycline for my pimples I started getting after my son was born. That's why I think they are hormone related. Since his birth, the HS appeared, pimples appeared, I've had some excessive hair grown in the nether regions, and I have horribly painful and heavy periods that last up to two weeks every month. I'm going to see about birth control to help with that part of it. I've heard that can help HS too? I haven't needed birth control for years. I was divorced shortly after my son was born and since the HS appeared, I haven't even dated anyone. It seemed too embarrassing. Anyhow, I started surfing the net the other night looking up diseases and disorders of the skin, hoping I could find something that sounded like what I have. I came across a reference to HS and recognized myself immediately. I belong to an HMO and it's fun trying to see a doctor. Later today I plan to call my HMO and get a different doctor (the doctor I have now did a complete physical on me in less than five minutes. He was slamming patients in and out as fast as they could undress and dress), and then make an appointment for my official diagnosis. Since I spent a couple years in school learning med, I'm 99.993% sure that HS is what

I have. It's such a relief to have a name to put to my condition, and I'm pretty happy today, knowing what it is.

How To Reduce Acne Scarring

How To Reduce Acne Scarring

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