I've been having trouble with hidradenitis since my teens, I'm 44 now. Over the years it seems to flare up and give me trouble for extended periods and then subside, sometimes for a year or more with no trouble, except for mild acne mostly on my back.

For the first 10 years or so I didn't know what the problem was except that I would occasionally have to have a flare-up lanced. I just assumed they were boils and just the nature of my skin. Nobody (doctors) said anything. Then one time when I went to the doctor in need of lancing he referred me to a surgeon who referred me to a dermatologist. The dermatologist diagnosed my problem as hidradenitis. He prescribed Mi-nocin in a low dosage, long term, along with cortisone injections into the infected sites. I feel the Minocin was a waste of money. I haven't had any success with any antibiotic in any form. The cortisone shots did help but would last only about 10 days and I could never get an appointment within the needed time frame so it would just flare up again and I would start all over.

My personal feeling is that the flare-ups are related to both stress and hygiene.

I seem to have some success by using Dial anti-bacterial soap both as a preventive and of course during flare-ups.

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