Evidence of a true causal relationship between hidradenitis suppurativa Some patients are less lucky than others and and these diseases is weak have several diseases at the same time. When this occurs the diseases can be seen as complete-

Skin cancer can occur as a rare compli- ly separate, or as a reflection of a deeper com-

cation in hidradenitis suppurativa mon aetiology or core pathogenic process. How-

of long standing ever, keeping in mind Adams's statement that

"co-occurrence does not imply association" [1], we have attempted in this chapter to cover all the diseases associated with hidradenitis suppu-

rativa (HS) except for Crohn's disease. It is our hope that by exploring the described associa-

Introduction 38 .. , , . . r tions it will be possible to suggest avenues of

Cutaneous Diseases future research into the aetiology and patho-

(Exduding Squam°us Cell Carcinomas) ..39 genesis of HS. The observations can lead to a

Follicular Occlusion Diseases 39 ,. c. 1 , 1 . . , ,

AcneConglobata 40 segregation of the readership into aggregators

Dissecting Folliculitis of the Scalp 40 and dividers. Aggregators tend to aggregate

Pilonidal Sinus 41 similar diagnoses into one, whereas dividers

Pigmentation Disorders split closely related diseases into subgroups. Ei-

of the Skin Folds: Dowling-Degos ther approach may be appropriate, providing it and Kitamura's Diseases 41 is argued from a rational perspective; the argu-

Rheumatological Disorders 42 ment cannot only be theoretical or practical, but

Clinical Picture 42 must take the clinical reality into consideration

RadiograPhic Features 42 in all its complexity.

Treatment 42 We have first described cutaneous diseases

Mechanisms 43 , ,. r n- 1 1 j- j including follicular occlusion diseases and pig-

Associated Cancers 43 mentation disorders of the skin folds (Dowl-

Non-Skin Cancers 43 ing-Degos and Kitamura's diseases), then rheu-

Squamous Cell Carcinoma 44 ^t j- + i_-v j- j matologic diseases, neutrophilic diseases and

Incidence and Prevalence 44 0 1

Clinical Picture 44 finally cancers (cutaneous and others). By deDifferential Diagnosis 45 scribing the plethora of diseases in which a pos-

Treatment 45 sible causal association has been contemplated,

Prognosis 45 it is our hope to stimulate the creative curiosity of the reader, to investigate the possible aetiology and pathogenesis of this disease.

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