Genetics of Hidradenitis Suppurativa

Jan von der Werth, Pam Wood, Alan D. Irvine, W.H. Irwin McLean

10.1 Clinical Genetics of Hidradenitis Suppurativa 70

10.2 Genodermatoses 74

10.3 Methods for Identifying

Disease Genes 74

10.4 Genetic Markers 75

10.5 Positional Cloning of Dominantly Inherited Disease Genes 75

10.6 Genome-Wide Linkage Analysis in Familial HS 77

10.7 Linkage of Hidradenitis Suppurativa to 6q25.2 78

10.8 Identification of a Second HS Locus to Chromosome 19 79

10.9 Candidate Genes Analysed in Linked HS Kindreds 79

10.9.2 ZNF91 and HS 79

10.9.3 TIZ Association with HS 80

10.9.4 Potential Contribution of the VIP Gene to HS 80

10.10 Additional Candidate Gene-Protein Systems in HS 81

10.10.1 Interleukin 1-a 81

10.10.2 TNF Signalling and HS 81

10.11 Discussion 81

10.12 Conclusions 82

References 83

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