Distribution of Lesions

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The frequency of each localization is different in men and women [1, 4]. Axillary involvement has no gender predilection whereas genitofemoral lesions are significantly more common in women. In contrast perianal and perineal as well as buttock lesions are significantly more common in men (see Figs. 3.19, 3.20; Table 3.1).

One or several sites may be involved in the same patient, and activity in the sites may vary as well. New regions may be involved at the same time as the disease burns out in regions previously affected. One site may be quiescent, while another experiences a flare. In general, lesions are roughly symmetrical, indicating a systemic disease rather than local infection.

Genitofemoral Lesions
Fig. 3.19. Areas involved in 121 women [1]
Fig. 3.20. Areas involved in 43 men [1]
Table 3.1. Areas of involvement in men and women [1]

HS patients (n=164,121 female, 43 male)





70 (58%)

30 (70%)



31 (26%)

2 (5%)


and inter-mammary


111 (92%)

32 (74%)


Perianal and perineal

40 (33%)

24 (56%)



30 (25%)

21 (50%)


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