Diagnostic Criteria

Establishing the diagnosis relies on three main features:

Typical lesions, i.e. deep-seated nodules (blind boils) and/or fibrosis Typical localizations, i.e. armpit and groin

Relapses and chronicity

Typical lesions can be seen depicted in this chapter. Questions to ask when taking a patient history which may aid the diagnosis are given in Table 3.2.

Table 3.2. Questions which aid the diagnosis of hidrad-enitis suppurativa

Questions where a positive answer supports the diagnosis of HS:

1. Does anyone in your family suffer from the same symptoms?

2. Do your boils recur at the same spot every time?

3. Do you smoke tobacco?

4. Do you experience a premenstrual flare of your boils regularly?

Questions where the negative answer supports the diagnosis of HS:

5. Do you get random boils on your skin, i.e. on the thighs or abdomen as well?

6. Has the treatment offered by your doctor helped?

7. Do you suffer from infections elsewhere?

8. Do you get a fever when your boils appear?

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