Crohns Disease and Hidradenitis Suppurativa CoOccurrence A Rationale for AntiTNF Therapy

with disruption of the immune system's ability to compartmentalize the bacilli in granulomas and inhibition of macrophage apoptosis. Thus the FDA requires that patients have a negative purified protein derivative (PPD) test prior to the onset of infliximab therapy. Infusion-associated anaphylactoid reactions, while rare, can be avoided by slowing the infusion rate and pre-treating the patients with antihistamines and steroids.

Antibody formation can be seen with long-term use and is inversely proportional to total infliximab dose. The concern regarding the development of antibodies to infliximab with long-term use follows the observation that 13% of Crohn's patients treated with repeated infusions had indeed formed antibodies [22]. As expected, loss of clinical efficacy accompanies the antibody formation, as does the development of infusion-related chest pain, bronchospasm, and anaphylactic shock. The development of antibodies can be reduced by treating the patients on a scheduled, regular basis (i.e., every 8 weeks) and with the concomitant use of low-dose im-munosuppressants [16].

In the reported cases of HS treated with inf-liximab therapy, the demographics for ten patients are known (one case was reported without specifications) (see Table 20.1) [5, 8-11]. Four patients were reported to have had concurrent CD. Patients' age ranged from 17 to 57 years with a mean age of 35.4 years. There were four men and six women. HS disease duration was reported as being between 1.5 and 44 years, with a mean duration of 14 years. As the majority of the reports are single case reports of successful therapy, long-term effects were not known or described. Importantly, 9 of the 11 patients reported a significant reduction in disease activity within 5 weeks of infliximab infusion therapy. The five patients treated in a dermatological inpatient ward were observed to have marked or moderate improvement within 3-7 days after each infusion [11].

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How To Reduce Acne Scarring

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