BS2 Intermediate Course of the Disease

A large variation in clinical picture can be observed, depending on the several different

In this stage of the disease long-lasting suppuration has previously led some patients to complications such as anaemia, hypoprotein-emia and amyloidosis. This kind of wasting syndrome is generally not seen today; however, other complications may occur. Carcinoma may occur, particularly on the buttocks. These cancers appear to have a particularly bad prognosis, possibly because of the local immunodeficiency caused by the long-lasting inflammation and scarring. Except for the common paraclinical signs of inflammation, such as elevated sedimentation rate, low serum iron and elevation of alpha-2 and gamma globulin, the patients are however usually in good general health and without biological repercussions, even in cases of long-lasting severe disease.

The process usually burns out with more or less fibrous sequelae, but the "ending" of the inflammatory process is unpredictable. Frequently menopause brings relief in women, but the association is not constant, and the end may come after or before the menopause. For men it is similarly unpredictable.

How To Reduce Acne Scarring

How To Reduce Acne Scarring

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