Azelaic Acid

ever, the use of local anti-inflammatory treatment is in good accordance with the use of systemic anti-inflammatory therapies (see Chap. 18), and the low prevalence of recognized pathogenic bacteria.

In practice this is particularly useful for patients with few intermediate lesions, and may often be combined with topical therapy to keep the disease under control.

If there is clinical suspicion of suprainfection with, for example, Staphylococcus aureus this treatment is not recommended. Patients with S. aureus infection are often characterized by rapidly evolving, painful, red, and suppurating lesions.

When using this treatment 0.5-1.0 ml triamcinolone (10 mg/ml) is injected into the lesions with a no. 27 or thinner needle. Weaker concentrations of triamcinolone may also be useful, whereas betamethasone has been reported as being less effective in acne lesions [38]. On occasion the injected triamcinolone will leak from the sinus tract, and paralesional injections may therefore also be used. The use of intralesional steroids has been successfully combined with topical and systemic use in the treatment of acne sinus tracts, and may also be combined with systemic therapy in the treatment of HS [39].

Relief usually occurs within days of the injection. In early lesions it is the author's (G.B.E.J.) impression that resolution of nodules may occur, whereas more developed boils respond with spontaneous drainage after a few days, offering relief similar to that reported with the use of strong keratolytics.

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