Role of IgM AntiHDV

The serologic profile of acute HDV infection consists of a prodromic phase of viremia followed by an early IgM and a delayed IgG anti-HDV response (Arag-ona et al. 1987). Whereas IgG anti-HDV may persist for alifetime, regardless of the clinical outcome, IgM anti-HDV disappears rapidly in some patients and persists in others. A correlation between chronicity of HDV infection and the persistence of high titer IgM anti-HDV was found in early studies (Aragona et al. 1987; Farci et al. 1986). After the introduction of sensitive techniques to detect HDV RNA some authors could not confirm this relationship between chronic infection and IgM anti-HDV detection (Govindarajan et al. 1989). A more recently conducted long term study in patients with HBV and HDV infection under interferon therapy revealed again a complete concurrence between the activity of liver disease and the IgM course (Borghesio et al. 1998). The discrepancies in the different studies may be explained by the use of techniques of different sensitivity and space of time that was investigated.

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