List of Contents

Structure and Replication of Hepatitis Delta Virus RNA 1

HDV RNA Replication: Ancient Relic or Primer? 25

HDV Ribozymes 47

RNA Editing in Hepatitis Delta Virus 67

Post-translational Modification of Delta Antigen of Hepatitis D Virus 91

The Role of the HBV Envelope Proteins in the HDV Replication Cycle 113

C. Sureau

Prenylation of HDAg and Antiviral Drug Development 133

Hepatitis Delta Virus Genetic Variability:

From Genotypes I, II, III to Eight Major Clades? 151

P. Deny

Functional and Clinical Significance of Hepatitis D Virus Genotype II Infection 173

Immunology of HDV Infection 187

M. Fiedler and M. Roggendorf

The Woodchuck Model of HDV Infection 211

Subject Index 226

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