Isoprenylation Enhances the fransSuppression Activity of LHDAg

L-HDAg exerts inhibitory effects on HDV replication. This inhibitory activity was suggested to be due to conformational differences between S-HDAg and L-HDAg. A prenylation-defective L-HDAg mutant, in which the cysteine 211 was changed to serine, has a lower trans-dominant inhibitory activity than wildtype L-HDAg (Hwang and Lai 1994). As most of the nonprenylated L-HDAg was retained in the cytoplasm, the effect of prenylation on the inhibitory activity of L-HDAg for HDV replication is probably not direct. Rather, it seems that isoprenylation enhances the inhibitory activity of L-HDAg by facilitating translocation of L-HDAg to the nucleus where HDV replicates (Lin et al. 1999; Tan et al. 2004).

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