Effects of Variations in Editing on Hdv Rna Replication and Virus Production

Examination of the role of editing in the HDV replication cycle (Fig. 1) suggests that varying the efficiency of editing at the amber/W site, either by altering levels of ADAR expression or by the introduction of mutations near the amber/W site, is likely to affect HDV replication, virus production, or both. Premature editing at the amber/W site could reduce levels of RNA replication because edited antigenomes encode L-HDAg, which is a trans-dominant inhibitor of HDV RNA replication (Chao et al. 1990; Glenn and White 1991). Insufficient editing could inhibit virion production because L-HDAg is required for virus production (Ryu et al. 1992; Wang et al. 1992). Several studies have indicated just how sensitive HDV replication and virus production are to variations in editing (Casey 2002; Jayan and Casey 2002a, 2005; Sato et al. 2004).

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