Diagnosis of gestational diabetes

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A. The diagnosis of gestational diabetes is usually accomplished early in the third trimester of pregnancy. The one-hour glucola test is the screening test for gestational diabetes. Nonfasting women are given 50 grams of glucose in a flavored solution, and their blood is taken one hour after ingestion. If the blood sugar equals or exceeds 140 mg/dL, then women are asked to take a three-hour glucose tolerance test (GTT).

B. For the three-hour GTT, women are advised to consume an unrestricted diet containing at least 150 grams of carbohydrates daily three days prior to testing. They are asked to fast for 10-14 hours prior to testing. All tests are performed in the morning. Blood is drawn fasting and at 1, 2, and 3 hours postingestion of a 100-gram glucose-containing solution. If any two (out of 4) or more results are abnormal, then they are diagnosed as having gestational diabetes.

Criteria for Gestational Diabetes


105 mg/dL

1 hour

190 mg/dL

2 hour

165 mg/dL

3 hour

145 mg/dL

Any two or more abnormal results are diagnostic of gestational diabetes.

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