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The Combined Health Information Database summarizes studies across numerous federal agencies. To limit your investigation to research studies and heart disease, you will need to use the advanced search options. First, go to From there, select the "Detailed Search" option (or go directly to that page with the following hyperlink: The trick in extracting studies is found in the drop boxes at the bottom of the search page where "You may refine your search by." Select the dates and language you prefer, and the format option "Journal Article." At the top of the search form, select the number of records you would like to see (we recommend 100) and check the box to display "whole records." We recommend that you type "heart disease" (or synonyms) into the "For these words:" box. Consider using the option "anywhere in record" to make your search as broad as possible. If you want to limit the search to only a particular field, such as the title of the journal, then select this option in the "Search in these fields" drop box. The following is what you can expect from this type of search:

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Your Heart and Nutrition

Your Heart and Nutrition

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