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Source: Diabetes Forecast. 56(5): 44-46. May 2003.

Contact: Available from American Diabetes Association. 1701 North Beauregard Street, Alexandria, VA 22311. (800) 232-3472. Website: www.diabetes.org.

Summary: This article helps readers with diabetes to understand the problem of depression and the risks that having a chronic disease may contribute to any likelihood of experiencing depression. The author notes that depression may occur as a reaction to illness and changing social circumstances, such as after the onset of type 1 diabetes or a divorce, but depression also seems to have a genetic basis in some patients. The author briefly reviews the biological basis of depression, stress hormones, diagnosing depression, and treatment options. Although depression causes severe dysfunction, many people can be successfully treated by a combination of medication and by tested forms of behavioral therapy such as cognitive behavioral therapy, which is a form of coaching. Regular physical exercise has been shown to reduce depressive symptoms; exercise also improves blood glucose control and cardiovascular function.

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Your Heart and Nutrition

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