Political Circumstances

The existence of a problem that might be solved or lessened by a change in policy, even in combination with a possible solution to that problem, is not of itself sufficient to move the problem/solution combination forward in the policymaking process. A political force, or what is sometimes called political will, is also necessary to advance a problem/potential solution combination.

Thus, the political circumstances surrounding each problem/potential solution in the policymaking process form the crucial third variable in creating a window of opportunity through which problems/potential solutions move toward actual development of legislation. This variable is at least as important as the other two variables in this complex equation (see Figure 5.2). In fact, the establishment of apolitical thrust forceful enough to move policymakers to attempt to do something substantive about a health-related problem is often the most challenging variable in the problem's emergence from among the set of competing issues vying for places on the policy agenda. The Real World of Health Policy: Public's Agenda Differs from President's illustrates how public opinion can form around problems and potential solutions to them and how these can differ from the preferences of policymakers.

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