Discussion Questions

1. Discuss the formulation phase of policymaking in general terms.

2. Discuss agenda setting as the confluence of three streams of activities. Include the concept of a "window of opportunity" for legislation development in your answer.

3. Describe the nature of problems that drive policy formulation. 5. Discuss the role of research in health policy agenda setting.

5. Contrast decision making in the public and private sectors as it relates to selecting from among alternative solutions to problems.

6. Discuss the involvement of interest groups in the political circumstances that affect agenda setting. Incorporate the specific ways in which they exert their influence on agenda setting in your response.

7. Discuss the role of chief executives in agenda setting at the federal level.

8. Discuss the nature of the health policy agenda that results from agenda setting at the federal level.

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  • artemisia
    What is the role of research in health policy agenda setting?
    2 years ago
  • ralph
    What is the role of exectutives in the agenda setting at the federal level?
    1 year ago

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