Sex And Aging

The elderly of the future will have considerably more time to devote to interpersonal relationships, and there will, no doubt, be an increasing interest in personal appearance. Cosmetic surgery offers opportunities to maintain a personal image based on personal preference. After the age of 80, it appears that in terms of health care individuals seem to reach a plateau, and there are no serious disabilities for at least another decade. Since the elderly will have followed healthier lifestyles, their physical condition will be superior to that of the older population of today. Older persons today exhibit what can be termed as ''premature aging,'' brought on by stress, improper diet, unhealthful living conditions and habits, and unsound work patterns. An amelioration of the total environment will not only prolong life, but will add immeasurably to the maintaining of youthfulness. In some cultures long-living men who have led healthful lifestyles are found to possess viable sperm at the age of 100. Women in such environments menstruate until the age of 60 or later (Lesnoff-Caravaglia & Klys, 1987). With the more recent advances in conception and the added possibilities of ''rent a womb,'' there is now the possibility for women to give birth and nurture children at ages much older than had been thought possible.

The sex life of the future may be characterized as being ''age independent'' and not tied by function to any particular period of chronological age. The enjoyment of family and intimacy may take on entirely new configurations. Romance until death will be the norm. Death, when it comes, may be a brief moment brought on by the wearing out of a machine.

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