Structure of the Book

We have chosen charts and graphs that are in common use and, as often as possible, have combined sources. Body proportions and norms for one ethnic group may not be appropriate for individuals from other ethnic backgrounds; however, very little ethnic data are available. Each chapter concentrates on a specific body area, and includes

1. an introduction with embryology of that area, the landmarks from which the measurements are taken, the instruments necessary, and the ways in which to obtain the measurements;

2. growth charts;

3. references to which the reader should refer for in-depth understanding of statistics, methodology, anthropometrics, and anthropologic approach.

There is a chapter on the approach to the patient with structural anomalies. A glossary at the end of the book defines many of the terms that have been used in this book.

This book is an attempt to provide an "easy to use" collection of data on physical measurements aimed at better defining congenital anomalies and syndromes. The authors are aware that this collection is incomplete and will need revision, additions, and updating; therefore, suggestions to improve the quality and usability of the book are welcomed.

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