Palate Height

Definition Height of the palate.

Landmarks Measure the shortest distance between the midline of the junction of the hard and soft palates and the plane established by other reference points as outlined in palate length and palate width (Fig. 7.84).

Instruments A palatal measuring device is necessary (Shapiro et al., 1963).

Figure 7.84 Measuring palate height.

Remarks Palate height for ages 6-16 years is shown in Fig. 7.85. This measurement point, the fovea palatinus, is not always the highest dimension of the palatal vault. Most clinical dysmorphologists will not have access to a palatal measuring device, but an assessment of the height of the palate is vital if deviation from normal palatal shape is to be defined. We suggest, as a rough guide, that when maximum palate height is greater than twice the height of the teeth, it should be considered abnormally high.

Pitfalls Thickened palatine and alveolar ridges producing narrowness of the palate can give a false impression of increased palate height.

Figure 7.85 Palate height, both sexes, 6 to 16 years. From Redman (1963), by permission.

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