Outer Canthal Distance

Definition The distance between the outer canthi of the two eyes.

Landmarks Measure from the most lateral corner of one eye to the most lateral corner of the other eye, in a straight line avoiding the curvature of the face (Fig. 7.36).

Instruments A graduated transparent ruler is most accurate; however, a tape-measure or blunt calipers can be used.

Position The head should be held erect (in the resting position) with the eyes open and facing forward.

Remarks As with any other measurement, the outer canthal distance should be compared to the overall head circumference for interpretation.

Pitfalls If the eyes are not fully open, or in the presence of ptosis, definition of the outer canthus may be difficult.

Figure 7.36 Measuring outer canthal distance.

Figure 7.36 Measuring outer canthal distance.

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