Length of Columella

Definition Length of the inferior-most aspect of the nasal septum.

Landmarks Measure along the crest of the columella from the base of the nose (subnasion) to the most anterior point of the columella at the level of the tip of each nostril (Fig. 7.68).

Instruments Tape-measure or sliding calipers.

Position The patient should recline with the midfacial plane in the vertical.

Remarks Normal columella length for children age 6-16 years is shown in Fig. 7.69. It is important to note that this measurement does not extend to the tip of the nose but only to the anterior-most part of the nostril. The measurement from the subnasion to the tip of the nose is that of nasal protrusion.

Pitfalls The columella may be curved rather than linear. It is important that a tape-measure is used and worked along the skin surface of the columella in the presence of a curve, since a linear measurement with sliding calipers would falsely reduce this measurement.

Columella Medical
Figure 7.69 Columella length, both sexes, 6 to 16 years. From Farkas (1981), by permission. Nasal Protrusion

Definition Nasal protrusion or depth.

Landmarks Measure from the tip of the nose (pronasale) to the deepest concavity at the base of the nose (subnasion) in a straight line (Fig. 7.70).

Instruments Spreading calipers are most accurate. A transparent graduated ruler can be substituted.

Figure 7.70 Measuring nasal protrusion.

Columnella Medical Abbrevation

Figure 7.70 Measuring nasal protrusion.

Position The patient should be reclining in order that the nose is observed from its inferior aspect.

Alternative Nasal protrusion can be assessed from the side with the patient perpendicular to the observer.

Remarks The shape of the nose, seen from its inferior aspect, is tremendously variable both within and between ethnic groups. (Details are found in the introduction to this section.) Variability in the length of the columella accounts for part of the variability in protrusion of the nose (Fig. 7.71).

Pitfalls Occasionally the columella and nasal septum protrude below the plane of the alae nasi. Measurement of nasal protrusion should not be made along the surface of the nasal septum following its curve to the nasal tip, but should be linear.

Figure 7.71 Nasal protrusion, both sexes, 6 to 16 years. From Farkas (1981), by permission.

Figure 7.71 Nasal protrusion, both sexes, 6 to 16 years. From Farkas (1981), by permission.

Columella Length

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