Inner Canthal Distance

Definition The distance between the inner canthi of the two eyes.

Landmarks Measure from the innermost corner of one eye to the innermost corner of the other eye, in a straight line avoiding the curvature of the nose (Fig. 7.33).

Instruments A graduated transparent ruler is most accurate; however, a tape-measure or blunt calipers can be used.

Position The head should be held erect (in the resting position) with the eyes facing forward.

Remarks Charts of inner canthal distance are provided in Figs. 7.34 and 7.35. Without accurate measurement, the distance between the eyes may appear greater or less than the mean, depending upon the width of the face, the form of the glabella area, the presence of epicanthal folds, and the width and shape of the nasal bridge. As with all other measurements, the inner canthal distance should be related to the head circumference for interpretation.

Pitfalls In the presence of epicanthal folds, inner canthal distances are not easily ascertained.

Figure 7.33 Measuring inner canthal distance.

Figure 7.33 Measuring inner canthal distance.

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