Head circumference (OFC)

Anterior fontanelle

Facial width

Facial height

Outer canthal distance

Inner canthal distance

Interpupillary distance

Palpebral fissure length

Nasal height

Nasal protrusion

Nasal width

Ear length

Ear width

Ear position

Ear rotation

Philtrum length

Mouth width


Hand length

Palm length

Palm width

Finger length

Elbow angle

Foot length

Foot width


Labial size

Testicle size

Penile length

Development assessment _

Summary of unusual/abnormal measurements

Any special techniques or instruments for measuring-

Dermatoglyphics done Yes/No Photographs done Yes/No X-ray done Yes/No Bone age done Yes/No

Figure 18.1 An example of an "easy to use" outline form for recording measurements.

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