Age (years) Medium parental height

Figure 4.20 Mid-parental height, females, combination curve. From Tanner et al. (1970), by permission.

Chapter 4 Height and Length Prediction of Height

In normal children one can predict height with some accuracy after four years of age using height and assessment of bone age. Elaborate tables have been developed by Bayley and Pinneau (1952) which are said to be accurate within 2 inches of adult height (see references). However, the tables do not take into account parental height and velocity of puberty (although delayed and precocious puberty are taken into account by using the tables for delayed and advanced bone age). Many other methods to predict final adult height have been developed.

Garn has developed a "multiplier" for each age which can be used with the present height to predict ultimate height if bone age is normal. The tradition of doubling the height at two years to give predicted height was derived from this source (Fig. 4.21).

Fig. 4.21 Multipliers for prediction of height of boys and girls of average parental stature

Multiplier (boys)


Multiplier (girls)

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