*For each sex N= 150 qt age 4, 124 at age 9, 78 in adulthood, and 30-85 at intermediate ages. All values are in mm. From Garn et al. (1972) by permission.

Chapter 13 Use of Radiographs for Measurement Carpal Angle

The angle that the carpal bones make at the wrist is useful in alerting the clinician to disproportionate growth elsewhere. Norms have been established for age, sex, and racial group.

The carpal angle is defined as the angle resulting from the intersection of two lines, one tangent to the proximal edge of the lunate and scaphoid and one tangent to the proximal edge of the lunate and triquetrum.

Imaginary lines are drawn on the X-ray, and the angles are measured (Fig. 13.9a). The angle should be compared with normal standards (Fig. 13.9b).

Carpal angle in degrees

Percentiles Percentiles

Age groups Sample - Sample -

(years) size 5th 50th 95th size 5th 50th 95th

White males White females
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