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From Garn (1966), by permission.

From Garn (1966), by permission.

Prospective Height

When parents or children are at the lower or upper ends of the growth curve, prospective adult height may be of concern. There is a correlation between parental height and the final height of children. Formulas to calculate final height taking parental height into account are as follows.

Height at maturity

Boys = 0.545 height at 2 years + 0.544 parental height + 14.85 inches Girls = 0.545 height at 2 years + 0.544 parental height + 10.09 inches

Prediction of Adult Height for Females from Height at the Age of Menarche

An alternative method for predicting height in females is the use of height at age of menarche. The data for females related to age of menarche are provided in Fig. 4.22.

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