Beginning incurving superior

Incurving upper 2/3 Pinnae

Well-defined incurving to lobe


Pinna soft, stays folded

Cartilage scant returns slowly from folding

Thin cartilage springs back from folding

Pinna firm, remains erect from head

Sole creases

Smooth soles & creases

1-2 anterior creases

2-3 anterior creases

Creases anterior 2/3 sole

Creases involving heel

Deeper creases over entire sole

Skin Thickness & appearance

Thin translucent skin, plethoric, venules over abdomen edema

Smooth thicker no edema

Pink Few vessels

Some desquamation pale pink

Thick pale desquamation over entire body

Nail plates

V |

Nails to finger tips

Nails extend well beyond finger tips


Appears on head | Eye brows & lashes | Fine, woolly, bunches out from head | Silky, single strands lays flat

7Receding hairline or loss of baby hair short, fine underneath


^^ 1 Covers entire body 1 Vanishes from face 1 Present on shoulders

No lanugo

Genitalia Testes

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