Usually the urethra leaves the penis shaft at the tip of the glans of the penis. Hypospadias is an abnormal placement of the outlet of the urethra on the penis shaft. The location of the urethral outlet can be best seen by pulling the ventral skin of the penis outward. Classification of hypospadias is shown in Fig. 10.7 and includes glandular, penile (along the shaft), penoscrotal (at the junction of the penis and scrotum), and perineal (the urethra opening on the perineum) outlet of the urethra. If the urethra opens on the dorsal side of the penis, this is called epispadias and again may have different degrees of severity.

Figure 10.7 Types of I Epispadias hypospadias. From Alken and

Soekeland (1976), by permission.

Perineal hypospadias

Glandular hypospadias 1 ° Penile hypospadias 2°

Perineal hypospadias

Normal placement of urethral outlet

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