Height Velocity

Growth velocity is the rate of growth over a period of time (Figs. 4.23-4.25). It is most rapid immediately after birth and then, between the ages of 2 and 12 years in boys, or 2 and 10 years in girls, growth velocity slowly continuously decelerates. During adolescence, it increases again. The adolescence peak for girls is a approximately 12 years and boys, at approximately 14 years of age. It is useful to compare growth velocity with the normal yearly intervals: If a girl was 99 cm at 3 years 6 months and measured 106 cm at 4 years 4 months, she has grown 5 cm in 10 months (or presumably 6 cm per year). This rate is compared to her age at the middle of this time interval (3 years, 11 months) and gives the growth velocity for her at that age. In infancy, shorter time intervals are used to evaluate growth velocity.

Head Circumference Growth Velocity
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