Clinical Aspects

Clearly the involvement of thymosin in the immune system makes it a potentially crucial agent in diseases of immunodeficiency and in several types of cancers. Clinical studies have demonstrated prolonged survival of patients with immunodeficient diseases who have been treated with thymosin.

Clinical importance may be attached to a deficiency of thymic functions or to enlargement of the thymus above the normal size. If the thymus is not functioning properly, there will be problems with the T-cell part of the immune system. Low numbers of lymphocytes would be found in the absence of the thymus, resulting in severe immunodeficiency. Thymic peptides are frequently administered in cases of T-cell immunodeficiency.

A major cause of thymic enlargement can be neoplasms of the immune system. Thus, in childhood, acute lymphoblastic leukemias or malignant non-Hodgkin's lymphomas can be found. Myasthenia gravis can also be the consequence of a thymus neoplasm. Some immunodeficiency diseases are listed in Table 17-2.

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