Vagina, 367

Vasoactive intestinal peptide, 242-244

Vasopressin, 109 ACTH release and, 124-125 behavioral effects, 125-126 deficiency, 166 effects on liver, 123-124 failure of expression, 129 formation, 114 function, 109 gene, structure, 114 kidney distal tubule, mechanism of action, 120-121, 123 mode of action, model, 120, 123

Vasopressin (continued )

role in regulation of body fluids,

118, 120-123 steroidogenesis stimulation, 124 structure, 111 Vasopressin receptor, 121, 124 cytoplasmic and nuclear signaling pathways, 125 Vitamin, definition, 261 Vitamin D biological effects, 270 biology and physiological significance, 267-272 chemistry and biochemistry,

259-265 clinical aspects, 276-279 conformational flexibility, 262, 264

effect on intestinal absorption of calcium and phosphorus, 253, 268

endocrine system, 262, 265

metabolites biosynthesis, 72-74 la,25-dihydroxyvitamin D3 intestinal calcium absorption, 268

osteoclast differentiation, 269 integrated action with parathyroid hormone and calcitonin, 274-275 mode of action, 268-269 production, in pregnancy, 398 RDA, 260-261 Vitamin D* 260-261 Vitamin D3, 260-265 bone resorption activation, 274 forms, 262 metabolism, 72-74 photochemical pathway, 262-263 structure, 261 Vitamin D-binding protein, 267-268 Vitamin D endocrine system, 263

Vitamin D receptor, 268-269 Vitamin D3 receptor, mode of binding, 306, 309

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