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The glucocorticoid receptor is a member of the nuclear steroid-thyroid receptor gene gamily (Chapter 1). Like the other receptors in this superfamily, the glucocorticoid receptor can be divided into functional domains (Figure 1-26). The major functional regions consist of the ligand-binding domain (C-terminal), the DNA-binding domain (central), and the antigenic domain (N-terminal). Bars in the figure locate additional functions, including transactivation and dimerization. The glucocorticoid receptor superfamily consists of the glucocorticoid receptor, the progesterone receptor, the mineralocorticoid receptor, and the androgen receptor. These receptors can bind to the palindromic hormone response element shown in Table 1-10, which differs from the response elements for the estradiol receptor-thyroid hormone receptor superfamily. These elements differ by only a few bases. In the case of the thyroid-responsive element, the sequence is the same as that for the estradiol receptor, except that three nucleotides do not separate the elements. With the vitamin D3 receptor the responsive elements are in tandem, requiring that the DNA-binding domains of the homodimeric receptor are in a head-to-tail orientation rather than a head-to-head, which would be the case with the glucocorticoid receptor (see Figure 10-22). The homodimeric structure of the glucocorticoid receptor, for example, is stabilized by DNA binding in which several amino acid residues of the second Zn2+ finger interact with DNA, while other residues interact with the second

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