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FIGURE 19-13 Neurotrophin-neurotrophin receptor interactions. Reproduced with permission from Maness, L. M., Kastin, A. J., Weber, J. T„ Banks, W. A., Beckman, B. S., and Zadina, J. E. (1994). The neurotrophins and their receptors: Structure, function, and neuropathology. Neurosci. Biobehav. Rev., 18, 143-159.

and binds NGF as well as NF-3 and BDNF. Binding of neurotrophic factors to trk receptors is summarized in Figure 19-13. Furthermore, the signal transduction pathway following interaction with the trk receptor involves several components, including PI3k, SRC, RAS, PLC-y-1, and downstream pathways. These are summarized in Figure 19-15. Thyroid hormone positively regulates the levels of NGF in the brain during development and is required for normal development.

Hematopoietic growth factors are discussed in Chapter 15. Other growth factors relating to the gastrointestinal tract are discussed in Chapter 8.

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