Posterior Pituitary

4. Stimulation-secretion coupling

FIGURE 4-10B Electrophysiological properties of the magnocel-lular neuron. The numbered right-hand column describes the stages in the production of an action potential (the electrical signal) and its conduction along the axon to the nerve ending in the posterior pituitary. This results in depolarization, influx of calcium ions, and hormone release by exocytosis. Hormone release can be induced by electrical stimulation of the posterior pituitary by using an implanted electrode, as indicated at the bottom left. Reproduced from Lincoln, D. W. (1984). The posterior pituitary. In "Reproduction in Mammals; Book III: Hormonal Control of Reproduction" (C. R. Austin and R. V. Short, eds.), 2nd ed., pp. 21-50. Cambridge Univ. Press, London and New York. Copyright © 1984 Cambridge University Press.

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