Genes for growth factors or their receptors

PDGF Codes for platelet-derived growth factor. Involved in glioma ( a brain cancer)

erb-B Codes for the receptor for epidermal growth factor. Involved in glioblastoma (a brain cancer) and breast cancer erb-B2 Also called HER-2 or neu. Codes for a growth factor receptor. Involved in breast, salivary gland and ovarian cancers RET Codes for a growth factor receptor. Involved in thyroid cancer

Genes for cytoplasmic relays in stimulatory signaling pathways Ki-ras Involved in lung, ovarian, colon and pancreatic cancers N-ras Involved in leukemias

Genes for transcription factors that activate growth-promoting genes c-myc Involved in leukemias and breast, stomach and lung cancers N-myc Involved in neuroblastoma (a nerve cell cancer) and glioblastoma L-myc Involved in lung cancer

Genes for other kinds of molecules

Bcl-2 Codes for a protein that normally blocks cell suicide. Involved in follicular B cell lymphoma

Bcl-l Also called PRAD1. Codes for cyclin Dl, a stimulatory component of the cell cycle clock. Involved in breast, head and neck cancers

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