Kallikreins, 413

biochemistry and physiology, 431 Kallman's syndrome, 107 Ketone bodies, 194, 196 17-Ketosteroid reductase, 80 Kidney aldosterone, actions in renal tubular reabsorption, 423-426 anatomy, 414-419 gross structure, 415-416 microscopic structure, 415, 417-418

atrial natriuretic peptide, 425-429 as endocrine gland, 413-414 kallikreins in, 431 physiological function, 413-414 physiological processes, 417-419 prostaglandins, 431-433 regulation of calcium and phosphorus in blood, 255 Kidney distal tubule mechanism of action of vasopressin,

120-121, 123 as vasopressin target, 120 Kilocalorie, 197 Kilojoules, 197 Kinins, 431

Klinefelter's syndrome, 410

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Cure Tennis Elbow Without Surgery

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