Biological And Molecular Actions

A. Gastric Acid Secretion

The parietal cells of the stomach secrete a solution of 0.15 M HC1 and 7 mM KC1, with only a trace of other electrolytes. The concentration of hydrogen ions is 1 million times higher (pH ~1) than that of plasma. The secretion of HC1 by the parietal cells of the stomach

TABLE 8-8 Bombesin-Tachykinin Family of Neuropeptide Hormones"


No. of amino acids


Biological action(s)

Bombesin-like Bombesin Litorin Ranatensin Alytensin

Gastrin-releasing peptide Neuromedin B

Phylcaerulein Caerulein

Tachykinin-like Substance P Neurokinin A Neurokinin B

0 0

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