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FIGURE 18-8 Rhythms in various pineal, blood, and urinary constituents known to exist in mammals, including humans. Reproduced with permission from Shafii, M., and Shafii, S. L. (eds.) (1990). Biological Rhythms, Mood Disorders, Light Therapy and the Pineal Gland." American Psychiatric Press, Inc., Washington, DC.

reported KD value is 6 X 10 " M), is thought to involve a pertussis toxin-sensitive G protein coupled to the membrane melatonin receptor, which, in turn, interacts with adenylate cyclase in an inhibitory manner to cause a dimunition of intracellular cyclic AMP.

High-affinity melatonin receptors have now been cloned and there appear to be two major subtypes. The cloning has been done from sheep and human species.

The existence of more than one type of melatonin receptor was inferred from biphasic dose-response curves obtained with various ligands for the melatonin receptor. Ligand binding appears to involve hydrogen bonding between the 5-methoxy (Figure 18-1) and amide groups of melatonin and complementary amino acid residues and electrostatic interactions between an aromatic amino acid of the receptor-binding site and ch3o.

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