I. Introduction 445

A. Background 445

B. Structural Classes of Prostaglandin (PC) Relatives 446

C. Classification of PCs 447

D. General Aspects of PCs 450

II. Chemistry 450

A Conformation of PCs and Thromboxanes (TX) 450 B. Phospholipase A; Enzvmes 450

III. Biochemistry 450

A. Biosynthesis 450

B. Metabolism 452

C. Binding Proteins and Receptors 432

IV. Biological Actions 454

A. PGFi. as an Agent for Therapeutic Abortion 454

B. Pancreas 455

C. Ectopic Bone Resorption 455

D. Autonomic Nervous System 455

E. PCI2 in Fibroblasts 456

F. PGs and the Pain Mechanism 456

G. Antihypertensive Renal Effects 458

H. The Platelet System 459 V. Leukotrienes (LTs) 459

A. Background 459

B. LT and Asthma 460 VI. Clinical Aspects 467

A. Abortion 467

B. Erectile Dysfunction 468

C. Gastroduodenal Ulceration 468

D. Myocardial Infarction 468

E. Implantation of Embryo 468 References 468


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