(Rat 1)

499 bp

(Rat II)

264 bp


580 bp

(Guinea Pig)

-3500 bp


288 bp


141 bp


ยป179 J 119 bp 119 bp 151 bp 119 bp 119 bp 393 bp >5000 bp figure 7-16 Schematic representation of the vertebrate insulin gene. Exons (E) that appear in mature preproinsulin mRNA are shown as bars, whereas the sizes of the two introns (i) are not on the same scale, but are indicated below. Abbreviations: U, untranslated region; P, prepeptide coding region; B, B chain coding region; C, C peptide coding region; A, A chain coding region. A typical TATA box, which signals the initiation of transcription, is shown 30 bp upstream; it is preceded by a promoter region (the unfilled box). [Modified with permission from Steiner, D. F., Bell, G. I., Tager, H. S., and Rubenstein, A. H. (1995). Chemistry and biosynthesis of the islet hormones: Insulin, islet amyloid polypeptide (amylin), glucagon, somatostatin and pancreatic polypeptide. In "Endocrinology" (L. DeGroot, M. Besser, H. G. Burger, J. L. Jameson, D. L. Loriaux, J. C. Marshall, W. D. Odell, J. T. Potts, Jr., and A. H. Rubenstein, eds.), 3rd ed. Vol. 2, Chapter 76, pp. 1296-1328. W.B. Saunders, Philadelphia, PA.]

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